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 Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience at Musikgarten Manila?

Mommy Yvonne

Mommy Andrea

Mommy Ginia

Extremely Happy

 Please tell us why you feel that way:



 "Considerate in helping kids develop ability to      acknowledge how their actions may affect  others"
 "A light-hearted, adaptable and healthy        environment" and "Accomodating staff"
  "Teachers are very knowledgeable and good at    handling kids."
 "I am delighted to see my  2y/o bloom into an  active,  cheerful toddler who sings,  dances,    and  happily  participates in the class."


 Please share comments about your level of satisfaction with your musical training experience.

 Mommy 1

  "Staff is always cheerful, patient with my children and answers any questions I have. Fexible with schedule also."

 Mommy 2

  "Andrew (her son) is usually shy at first and at the start of his Piano Lessons was afraid to meet his teacher - but teacher Denzel made him feel
  very welcome and at ease. Jasmine, (her daughter) on the other hand, also likes her teacher Dania and can be heard singing the songs that she learned  at        home."





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