The School for Music is open to music enthusiasts for all ages. The School for Music offers its students a wide variety of courses including Vocal Performance, Violin, Piano, Woodwinds, Saxophone, Drums, Guitar & Ukulele. We also offer Music Theory classes to enhance their musical abilities to its full potential. Our and  unique curriculum allows each student to select the best medium specially designed learning activities that enable them to boost their interests and skills. We offer one-on-one teaching method from highly trained and experienced teachers, providing a progressive and supportive learning environment. During summer, we also hold extensive extra-curricular activities like musical theater, music ensembles, painting, swimming and taekwondo. Our facilities include music studios, practice rooms, and a complete band studio set-up.

      Lessons include ear training, accurate rhythm, dynamics, theory, proper positioning and technique and performance skills.

     The program are flexible from contemporary (pop/jazz/rock) to classical approach. With these, students are taught basic musical language necessary to communicate with other musicians, read written music and learn songs by ear. Students are also encouraged to learn improvisations to develop interest in composition.






Our newly-added course for Flute, Recorder and Saxophone is finally here. Each instrument is studied individually, both for children and adult. Students will cover

the fundamentals of playing, embouchure, holding positions, hand positions, fingerings, articulation and a playing knowledge of each instrument in a fun

learning environment.




Aside from an outstanding singing voice, it is also important for aspiring talent to be able to carry himself well on stage.

Musikgarten Manila addresses this concern by creating its signature course, the Idol, which combines voice lessons with stage performance training. 

The Idol course will help you conquer the stage as you receive training from Musikgarten Manila’s well-trained and highly-skilled coaches.

Lessons include body warm-ups, breathing exercises, vocal techniques, vocal diction, vocalization exercises and song study.

Students will be guided on what kind of music genre and songs are best suited for their level. We also provide direction and opportunities for those who want to reach a professional and competitive level in the music industry.





If you’re an avid lover for violin music and have always aspired to play this instrument, let us help you start your journey in learning the violin. This all-year course is designed for adults and children. Master the basic essential techniques through utilizing course materials and developed curriculums. Instruction is provided in an individual setting with corresponding ensemble or group classes.



Do you want to learn how to play the drums with step-by-step training? Learn starter drum lessons that will show you the basic essentials of how to play the drum set. We will guide you through the essential techniques that you will need to learn as a drummer. They cover important fundamentals including: how to play drums, how to hold the drumsticks,improve the balance and evenness between your hands, ways to develop proper grip, playing area and sound,  bass drum techniques, drum set posture, and simple drum set warm-ups.






Learn not only how to sing your favorite song, but also how to play it!

Musikgarten Manila’s Acoustic Performer course includes Voice Lessons PLUS Piano ot Guitar or Ukulele training.





Music definitely for all ages! Aside from the health benefits of taking up music lessons, this course will help the “young once” rediscover their talents. As George Eliot puts it, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

Musikgarten Manila’s Groovy Oldies course is a combination of voice lessons and instrument training in piano/violin/ukulele/guitar/drums.




We welcome kids with special needs of all ages to enroll in our individualized or small group programs. We assess the child’s strongest inclination to a specific instrument whether piano, violin, guitar or drums. For younger kids, we expose them to different types of percussion and melodic intruments. We use music as a tool to encourage communication skills (speech and articulation), to express feelings in a positive and creative way, and to develop self-awareness, initiative, motivation and confidence.






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