It is a musical program for parents and infants 3 – 18 months. The life of the newborn begins in the family and in the home. At birth the infant is plunged into a world of sights and sounds, tastes, smells, and touch. This program stimulates the sensory channels vital for the early stages of development. This is important for learning to take place.

Babies’ brains benefit from music classes even before they can walk and talk. Some of the long term developmental benefits are:

  • Singing a lullaby while rocking a baby stimulates early language development.

  • Babies who regularly attend participatory music class boasted superior communicative gestures and social behavior.

  • They also develop the cognitive skills through patterns, sequencing, counting, body awareness and memory, all of which are present in our Family Music for Babies.

Our activities are interactive music making, singing of lullabies, nursery rhymes and songs with actions, chants, melodic and rhythmic instrument playing.

This program will bring parent/caregivers together to find joy being with their babies and share a musical play time in a communal setting that is positive, supportive and therapeutic. Parents and caregivers will also understand that by sharing this time together they are participating in vital, life supporting and developmental appropriate activities for babies.





A one hour music and movement class for 1.5 – 3 years of age. At this stage, toddlers need to move, they learn through movement. Once children learn to walk, their greatestneed and most persistent drive is to explore the exciting world that awaits them. Toddlers barely stop in moving. This is to obtain control and mastery of body movement and to direct their action systems to a desired goal. Sensorimotor systems are fundamental components of brain/body functioning and that sensorimotor integration is prerequisite in learning.

Musikgarten Manila offers this program because we believe that music ignites all areas of child development: intellectual, social and emotional, motor language and over-all literacy that helps the body and mind work together.

  • Singing songs give children pure joy, at the same time it also helps build vocabulary and strengthen memory skills.

  • Chants, melodic and rhythmic patterns while tapping help develop speech and articulation of words.

  • The key to effective learning at this age level is repetition. Children delight in repetition as it provides exercise of their minds. With the use of different elements of music, repetition becomes more attractive to them.

  • Merry-music-making enriches the lives of children. When children are in a happy disposition, learning is inevitable.

The goal of this program is to provide an ideal learning environment where they are safe, free stimulated and encouraged to move while learning in the process. We focus in the development of auditory skills, speech, fine and gross motor skills, balance and coordination. And most importantly to enjoy while learning, relax, grow and have fun with others while engaging in communal purposeful activities.





This program is an hour of interactive activities such as bouncing, singing games, dancing, poetry, chants, melodic and rhythmic instrument playing for children 3 – 5 years of age. The Cycle of Seasons draws its central themes from nature and aims to bring children into the music, movement and environmental experience. To create a situation in which natural learning can continue. Musikgarten provides an environment that is conducive to holistic education, environment that address the child’s basic developmental need; movement, exploration, sensory-motor experience, language, and interesting activities that require their involvement.

Music and movement address all facets of human development:

  • Develop balance, control and coordination through activities that are fun and challenging.

  • Help children explore abstract concepts at an experiential level of understanding for deep learning.

  • Develop self-awareness.

  • Emphasize give-and-take social interaction through play / dance.

  • Express activities and feelings of everyday life in mime and drama.

  • Raise the level of consciousness of how to move, were to move, and how parts of the body feel when in action.

The complete educator – parent or teacher – learns to follow the child. We allow ourselves time and freedom to be receptive to the children’s teaching. At the end of the program they are expected to learn important life skills: empathy, teamwork, appreciation of others, patience, resiliency and collaboration.





0 to 6 years, caregiver optional ~ mixed age classes allow families with limited time to all come to the same class and give families an opportunity to develop a shared repertoire of music and childhood games. They offer today’s children the wisdom of the ages as well as what current research and practice tell us children need: communication, movement, interaction, repetition, and cultural customs – all experienced in a playful way.


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