MUSIKGARTEN MANILA is an educational institute that is highly music and movement-based with a unique and non-traditional approach to learning for all ages.


MUSIKGARTEN MANILA as a school for music goes beyond the purpose of entertainment. It is a principal tool in an adult life’s creation of balance towards wholesome living and sharpened creativity.

MUSIKGARTEN MANILA as a playschool for babies and toddlers uses music and movement as an anchor and guide in shaping the mind, body and spirit of a child in preparation to the challenges of adult life.

MUSIKGARTEN MANILA as a preschool using authentic Montessori system in early childhood school for 3-6 years of age adheres to the philosophies and pedagogy of Dr. Maria Montessori with music as an added tool in developing the young minds.

Through MUSIKGARTEN MANILA, students are being developed into holistic individuals, confident and well-rounded musicians who are also responsible, creative and productive citizens of the world.

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